Artists to Watch

Okay, even though I’m out of money, and wall space, I went to ebay and looked through the art section. I found some beautiful work there.

Conni Togel. I like her stuff.

Sherry L. Her Autumn Trees caught my eye.

There’s another guy, Bob, whose stuff is hangable now. I put it in Ebay watch, but ebay isn’t loading right now for some reason.

There’s a lifetime woodcut Durer for sale. Too rich for my blood, plus it’s not one of my favorite pictures, but it is a great Durer. Only $4000. And no one’s bid, so if you want it, it’ll be yours.

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Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 35

Day 33, as reported, I weighed in at 171.2.

Day 34 I weighed in at 171.2. That’s not good, so I dropped a starch and a fruit. But we went out to dinner and, after assuring me there was nothing on the plate but turkey, I was given a turkey plate with barbeque sauce on it. I thought about it and I ate it anyway. I had already had my lite salt, but surely that 4 Tablespoons (at the most) of sauce couldn’t hurt.

Then I was so exhausted I went to bed an hour early. I slept longer than usual. It was hard to wake up. And, when I weighed in today, I weighed in at 172.2.


That’s not good. I know that it’s not “real” weight. I didn’t eat an extra 3500 calories yesterday, but it is solid water weight and it shows up on the scales. I’m hoping it will go away by tomorrow if I’m a good girl and eat all my food and drink all my water.

I still don’t have my car back (This time the place has had it for four days.), so I can’t go check back in with the center, which is great by me because I wouldn’t want to check in today. Yesterday, yes. Today, no.

Hopefully the sugar/salt will flush through by tomorrow. And also hopefully I’ll have my car back and working.