Challenges Still Waiting to be Overcome


Okay, I obviously figured them out enough to get a list going. However, I don't know how to edit the title of the list so that it says “homeschool” and I am almost afraid to try anything for fear it will undo what I've done. (Managed that twice while getting the list up as it is.) Truthfully, I guess I am too afraid to try, since I'm leaving it labeled “school stuff.”

H-Town Blogs:

Since I live in Houston, I thought I would get my blog listed on H-Town blogs. I went and joined. But I don't have a clue how to list my blog there. I am hoping that the email they send will explain it. Otherwise I'm going to have to ask my programmer husband for help.

RSS Feeds and Mailing Lists:

I am not sure if those are the same thing or not. I am figuring not, since I know I don't want an email telling me when a certain blog has updated. But I tried to accept/take/get the RSS feeds for some blogs off blog-city and wasn't able to do it. I thought I had done it. It looks fairly straight forward. However it wasn't.

One thought on “Challenges Still Waiting to be Overcome

  1. RSS and Mailing lists are NOT the same thing. Blog-city needs an easy way to add a “Syndicate” or one of those little orange XML buttons for RSS feeds to your blog.

    H-Town will add you went you email them back and add a link to them.


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